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About Fantasy App :

“FSL11 is India’s one of the most favorite online fantasy cricket app serving gaming platforms and sports sites.”

FSL11 is one of the best fantasy cricket apps in India. It’s the best way to watch cricket games, create teams, win cash, and bring the action right into your living room.

The players can create a team made of 11 players involving the squad from both the participating teams to double the fun of the experience of online cricket.

After preparing the team, when the actual match on the field starts, users will receive points based on the performance of the team of 11 members they had chosen.

These points usually depend on the performance-based in the course of an actual match, runs, wickets, and catches on the basis to consider points.

Download Fantasy App :


   Download FSL11 App

How to Play at App :

Pick A Match

Pick any of the upcoming matches from any of the current or upcoming cricket series of your choice.

Make Your Team

Use your sports keeda and showcase your skills to create your FSL11 team within a budget of 100 credits. Choose the group of your favorite players and create your ideal team. You also have option to create multiple teams.

Step 1: Select a Match

FSL11 Fantasy App Download

Step 2: Create Your Team

FSL11 Fantasy App Download

Step 3: Select your FSL11 team’s Captain & Vice Captain

FSL11 Fantasy App Download

Step 4: Creating multiple teams

FSL11 Fantasy App Download

Join A Contest

Join any FSL11 free or cash contest to win cash and grab the rights to showoff your rank in the ultimate skilled gaming contest on FSL11! You can also create your own private contest among your buddies and play

Manage Your Team

You can make as many changes to your FSL11 teams as you like until the deadline of that match!

You can also change your Captain or Vice Captain before the deadline of the match. Select the “Edit Team” button to make changes to your team.

Make sure you keep an eye on which of your players are playing the match and keep your team updated at all times.

You can make decision on players once playing11 is announced to make sure you have the perfect 11 in your team.

Withdraw your Winnings

Win the prizes for highest scoring line up & Withdraw your winnings from your FSL11 verified account instantly.

(One time verification is required.)

Contact Information :

Website: https://fsl11.com/

Email: https://fsl11.com/contact-us 

Social Media Profiles:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FSLEleven/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/FSL11_fantasy/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/FSL_Eleven

Whatsapp: http://shorturl.at/uyBQT

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIEpS7KePNHjYJ-4-SPDpmQ

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